Gen Z Program

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Why does a teenager need their own general practitioner?

Help your teen get ahead by setting them up with their own General Practitioner.

Seeing a doctor can be a daunting experience for many, we are here to help facilitate the transition for young adults from seeing their family GP alongside their parents (or guardian) to being confident and comfortable advocating for their own health care needs.

By instilling the self-esteem and streamlining the process for them, you open up the gateway to responsibility and independence. This initiative makes it easy for teens to make their own appointments and self-present to discuss the topics that they perceive as being important.

Living in the age of the internet provides easy access to information online, but it can be difficult to find reliable sources as well as understanding the implications involved. Our health professionals are here to provide gentle guidance and medical treatment where needed.

What health concerns could a teen need support with?

Dietary intake

–       Relationship with food

–       Mindful Eating

–       General Nutrition and Malnutrition

Sex Education

–       Safe sex practices

–       Respectful Relationships

–       Understanding Consent

–       Sexually transmitted infections

–       Contraception

Body Positivity and Physical wellbeing

Social and Peer pressure

Social Media etiquette and Cyberbullying

Technology Addiction

Mental resilience and Mental Health

–       Social Anxiety and/or Depression

–       Intentional injuries or self harm

–       Risk Taking Behavior

Puberty related concerns

Periods and Menstrual cycle

Healthy habits around alcohol intake

Health Concerns (for example)

–       Immunization and health intervention

–       Acne

–       Asthma

–       Insomnia

–       Substance Abuse and Addiction

–       PCOS

–       Chronic conditions

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