Acute & Semi-Acute Concerns

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So you’ve just done a home pregnancy test. You see the dreaded double lines. It is positive. At any other stage in your life you may have been happy to see this but not today. You start to think of the impact this will have on your own mental health and possibly physical wellbeing as well.  You heart sinks and you start to feel that knot at the base of your stomach as anxiety kicks in.

This is quite a common situation. Please know that you aren’t alone.

Know your options.

We have hopefully answered the most common questions below. If there is more that you need to know or would like to proceed please book in an appointment for a session with one of our understanding health practitioners. These sessions are confidential and you will be treated with compassion and respect. You are no obligation to continue with the process if you change your mind. We hope to be able to assist you with your own decision making by providing facts.

Any person with a uterus.

If you have a confirmed or suspected pregnancy.

Even if you do not have a Medicare card, you are still welcome.

People of any orientation, gender or sexuality are welcome.

People of Aboriginal or Taures Strait Islander background are welcome.

People of any age are welcome.

People of any cultural background are welcome. (Interpreter services are available)

It may take between 7 days to 2 weeks to get through to Step 7 depending on appointment availability.

No, we understand that as individuals sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations.

We are here to help you make your decision and then to support you through every step of the way.

The medical consult, tests, medication and follow up may cost up to


Confidentiality is part of our mission statement. All staff are trained to keep patient information and attendance confidential. The software that we use is also encrypted. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

We are also a regular medical center that does flu vaccinations etc, so there will be no stigma with you presenting at our clinic.

  • Book an appointment at our medical centre with one of our health professionals.
  • Attend the consult (May include a blood test)
  • Book in for an ultrasound (At Harbour Radiology or Castlereagh Radiology close by) and attend it.
  • Follow up consult
    1. To review all investigations
    2. Obtain Informed Consent
    3. Collect Script
  • Take the script to the pharmacy around the corner (Neutral Bay Pharmacy). Will take 24 hours for them to fill the script.
  • The following day pick up the script and return to our medical center.
    1. Have the medication while seated with your doctor.
  • Have the follow up tablet at home within 72 hours
  • Have a follow up appointment with your Doctor in 2-3 week

It may take between 7 days to 2 weeks to get through to Step 7 depending on appointment availability.

In the situation that we are not accessible, you will be provided with a 24 hour hotline where you can speak to a registered health professional. They will help guide you along.

If you do have any severe symptoms, please go to the nearest Emergency department.

  • To confirm that the medication has worked
  • To make sure there are no retained products in the uterus
  • To rule out infection
  • To rule out any other potential complications
  • To discuss contraception options
  • To make sure you are feeling ok

Medical termination can be considered an option up until 9 weeks of pregnancy.

The earlier you come in, the better as it may take some time to organize tests before we can proceed.

If you are past 9 weeks, then we may be able to refer you onto another service.