Easy, Quick and Comprehensive.

Telehealth Information

Both Video and Phone consults are available.

They are easy to book in.

Confidential and comprehensive.

Speak to the same Doctor each time.

If a face to face follow up is required, priority appointments are provided.

If labs or  blood tests are required, we can also book you in, on-site.

If a prescription or a medical certificate is required, we can also have them emailed to you.

Telehealth Fee Information

Video Consult $75
Phone Consult $75
Sexual Health Consult $115

Fees reflect a time-based consult.

The expected duration for a phone consult is 15 minutes.

A Medicare rebate of $39.10 is provided if eligible.

For a sexual health check, an appointment of 25 minutes is allotted, with a Medicare rebate depending on the actual duration of the consult.

If a longer appointment is required, please let us know when making the booking.

For any further questions, please fill out our contact us form, send us an email on or call us directly.