Do you need an Iron Infusion?

Are you feeling tired in the morning as soon as you wake up?

Is your main source of energy a caffeinated beverage?

Are you skipping meals due to lack of time?

Do you feel like you are barely keeping it together?

Low iron levels is a main cause of lethargy and low energy levels, especially in women between the ages of 18 and 50 years.

There are other reasons for the same symptoms, so it would be a good idea to see your GP to have a chat about your lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, any supplements or medication you are currently on, current body physiological patterns, mood, any family history of medical conditions and the list goes on. A physical examination and a blood test would also be considered to look at other potential causes of lethargy as well.

If you are found to be iron deficient, causes need to be considered and may involve other investigations. Sometimes dietary restrictions due to lifestyle decisions or cultural practices can also affect your iron levels. Being aware of iron-rich replacement foods does help, like some listed here (insert link).

The other option include replenishing your iron stores with supplements, these can be taken as individual tablets like Maltofer or in combination with Vitamin C like ferrograd C, which does assist with absorption. For a few of us, our stomach’s don’t tolerate iron tablets well and in these situations an iron infusion may be considered.

So book in for a consult with our GP and let’s start the process!