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Mental Health and Wellbeing


Given the year we’ve had, it is expected that many in the community have a degree of anxiety, social anxiety or depression. Allow us to help you through this difficult time by booking an appointment with us and commencing the journey to self-improvement.

Post-natal depression as well as high functioning depression are both conditions that seem to be overlooked these days. Both needing care and long-term management; get in touch with us to consider diagnosis and management.

Our experienced staff at Baylife medical appreciate the sensitivity and support required around seeking help. We understand that taking that first step is difficult. Consider our fast-tracked patient flow, where you can seek help with minimum interaction.

Fast tracked patient flow with minimum interaction:

Book an appointment online

Fill out the new-patient paperwork online

Provide payment details prior to attending (no payment will be processed until after the consult)

Turn up at appointment time and have a seat in our waiting room

Check-in on your phone, to let the doctor know that you are here

Then just wait until an experienced health practitioner calls you into a calm and serene room, where your concerns will be gently discussed and a plan formulated.

When you are done, you are able to leave and organize payment through the same app on your phone.

Follow up can also be arranged via telehealth.

If medication is required, we can arrange for it to be picked up on-site as well.

If pathology collection is required, we can also organise to have this done on-site.


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