Why am I always tired?

A female lying in bed with her eyes closed and hand to her forehead. Her eyes are closed.

If you are always feeling tired, it’s worthwhile ruling out medical causes such as low iron or an under active thyroid. Often you will find the answer in your lifestyle habits. Occasionally we become overrun with all the small details life throws at us such as caring for family members, stress at work, or big life events such as weddings or milestone birthdays. Unless we actively make space for ourselves or schedule in me-time, that is unlikely to change.

If you don’t look after yourself who else will?

Start with ten minutes a day, take your cup of tea and enjoy the fresh air outside. Or schedule in those ten minutes after lunch to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. In the long run, these small investments will pay off.

Stress is a major component in most of our lives and removing stress from our lives is easier said than done. Learning to manage stress is a whole different ball game. Changing how our body responds to stress can make the difference between reaching breaking point and maintaining a healthy life/work balance.

Still feeling tired?

Are you putting into your body all the building blocks it requires to keep it functioning in an optimal state? Nutritional deficiencies (like low magnesium and zinc) as well as potential medical causes (like low iron levels or misbalanced hormones) are also worth looking into.

Dr Katib has extensive experience supporting patients through making important lifestyle changes, while also addressing potential medical causes. If you’re tired of feeling lethargic and exhausted, book in for an initial consult and let us support you through getting your life back on track.

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