Why should you track your cycle?

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If you’ve ever wondered why it’s important to track your cycle, consider this, have you ever recognized how you may be able to keep up with a regular exercise routine for a week or two and then have a dip in your energy levels? This may result in being unable to get through the same routine or the same number of steps. Or maybe one week you’re excelling at work, then feeling like you can’t possibly schedule any important meetings the next?  

Recognising the subtle signs and changes in your body can help you support and cater to your body’s needs at each individual stage throughout your cycle. 

Building blocks for optimal state

This isn’t only referring to self-care and self-love. Our bodies need different building blocks at different times of the month to put together hormones and messengers to keep our bodies functioning at an optimal state. When you track your cycle, you understand what you need, and when. 

These building blocks are usually obtained from food and what you put into your body. Think about cravings in the few days leading up to your period. Most often it’s carbs! This is an example of your body trying to communicate with you. A lot of times what we recognise as carb or sugar cravings could actually be our body’s needing zinc, magnesium or selenium. By all means, order that pizza and spend the day in bed, but wouldn’t it be great to minimize all those PMS-type symptoms naturally? By providing all the right building blocks to support your body, you can do just that. Nourishing your body with vitamin and mineral-rich food, and enjoying gentle exercise can help you throughout that time of the month.

Can the pill help my symptoms during my cycle? 

There may be a place for starting the pill or hormonal contraception to help with symptoms, whether it’s an irregular cycle, heavy bleeding, mood swings or intense PMS symptoms. And sometimes this may be exactly what your body needs. It isn’t a sign of failure needing to go onto medication, as sometimes our bodies do need that extra support. Speaking to a women’s health specialist can help you find the right medication for your lifestyle. 

Get to know your body

Being tuned into your body can help you care for it and support a healthy lifestyle. Knowing your body means you’ll also recognise if something isn’t right, if your health is being impacted by stress or environmental factors, or if you are unwell. When you track your cycle, you can align your activities with your optimal state, or avoid plans when you know you’ll have less energy. 

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